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Dogaroo is a website designed for busy dogs.
I was inspired to create this website when my dog was recovering from being spayed, and I had completely forgotten about giving her her monthly heartworm pill. This website lets you create individual calendars for your pets and keep their busy lives on track. Never again will you arrive late to a vet visit or have to reschedule because you've forgot! Dogaroo also makes it easy to share your dogs calendar and profile with family, dog sitter or kennel. Once you share this the person can view your dogs monthly schedule (if you'd like), or the dogs profile, so they can see how many times a day your dog will need out, the amount of food your dog will need, and much more! 
Creating the branding for Dogaroo was interesting. I wanted the logo to be memorable, bold, and fun. I used a photo of my own boxer puppy for the outline of the icon, and went through numerous styles and an exuberant amount of artboards until I loved what I had created. It was a wild ride trying to find the perfect font, but I landed on Tomarik, as it contained a fun but controlled feel to it.
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